A Turkish humanitarian aid organization sends 60 tons of medicine to Sudan

The Turkish humanitarian aid organization Hayrat Foundation has sent around 60 tons of medicines to Sudan, including for cancer and kidney patients.

Karam Bahaa Abu Khan, the official in charge of external relations at the association, said in a statement on Friday that Sudan has been facing a major humanitarian crisis since April 15th.

“Accessing basic needs in the country has become difficult, the healthcare system is deteriorating, and chronic diseases are on the rise.” He said.

He mentioned that epidemics, nutrition problems, and chronic diseases seriously threaten public health in areas where essential vaccines cannot reach.

Abu Khan further explained that the association has sent 60 tons of medicines to the Sudanese people through 6 cargo planes so far.

He pointed out that the organization aims, through aid shipments, to prevent deaths and health problems resulting from the shortage of medicines and to provide effective service to healthcare workers in Sudan.

“These aids will, directly and indirectly, help treat the wounds of around 500,000 Sudanese people and will serve as a beacon of hope to alleviate the dire health problems the country is facing.” Abu Khan added.

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