African doctors ponder exit as far-right rises in France

North African doctors in France, including Tasnime Labiedh, are rethinking their future amid the far-right National Rally’s rise and a perceived lack of respect and fair working conditions.

Tanzania’s Gombe chimpanzee colony faces extinction

Once thriving, the chimpanzee colony in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, faces extinction due to habitat loss.

UN rights chief warns of rising hate speech, discrimination

As a record number of countries hold elections this year, the United Nations human rights chief on Wednesday warned against rising hatred and discrimination. While refusing to comment on specific election campaigns playing out, Volker Türk called on voters to keep the rights of others in mind when they cast their ballots. He made the appeal as major elections take place in France and Britain this week, and in the United States and Germany later this year. Türk said he was concerned when listening to the rhetoric surrounding recent votes, including last month’s European parliament elections which handed significant gains to far-right parties. He said immigrants, refugees, and other foreigners have been used as “scapegoats” for some political parties. “I’m always worried when I hear narratives that denigrate the other, that dehumanize the other, that makes scapegoats of migrants, of refugees, of asylum seekers, of minority groups,” Türk said. He blasted the “politics of distraction” and said political leaders needed to stand up against the discourse of hate. “History tells us, in particular in Europe, that the vilification of the other, that the denigration of the other is a harbinger for worse to come.” Türk said this was “an alarm bell that we need to ring”, particularly in 2024 which is a “mega-year for elections”. He noted the United States, India, Europe, and other countries have experienced electoral seasons “that often lead to a speech of hatred and dehumanization of the other”. The UN human rights chief called on political leaders to stand up against discrimination saying there must be “zero tolerance” for hate speech.

Chad Rangers protect elephants despite limited resources

Rangers in Chad’s Zah Soo National Park successfully protect elephants despite limited resources, while facing challenges in balancing wildlife conservation with local needs.

WMO declares tropical Cyclone Freddy longest-lasting on record

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Tuesday declared Tropical Cyclone Freddy the longest tropical cyclone on record, at 36 days.

Panama Papers scandal results in acquittal of 28 defendants

Eight years after the leak of 11 million secret financial documents, a court in Panama acquitted over two dozen defendants on Friday.

5 billion affected by extreme heat due to climate change

Nearly 5 billion people suffered from extreme heat due to climate change from June 16 to June 24, according to Climate Central.

UN: 2023 Worst Year for Children in Armed Conflict

The United Nations says 2023 marked the highest number of violations against children in nearly a decade.

Amazon’s market value passes $2T as shares hit all-time high

E-commerce and tech major’s stocks up almost 28% since beginning of this year

AI among Top 10 emerging technologies of 2024

World Economic Forum’s report on prominent tech advances puts great emphasis on artificial intelligence’s influence

South Sudan’s 6M Antelope migration faces rising poaching threat

The country’s first comprehensive aerial wildlife survey, released Tuesday June 25, found about six million antelope. 

South Sudan home to world’s largest land mammal migration

Millions of antelope surge across the South Sudanese plains, creating a spectacular migration.

Wild chimpanzees use medicinal plants for self-treatment

Deep in the Budongo Central Forest Reserve, a chimpanzee with an injured hand eats the leaves of a Christella parasitica fern.

Apple may not roll out key features to EU users this year

Features at risk include iPhone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing enhancements, Apple Intelligence

Solar to generate 20% of global electricity on summer solstice

Across midday peaks on Friday, electricity generated from sun to rise from 16% on last year’s solstice, estimates Ember Climate

Sun’s path through Dense Interstellar Cloud affects earth’s climat...

The sun, as it travels around the center of the Milky Way, oscillates relative to the galactic plane.

Historic Ugandan artifacts to return home for a three-year exhibition

The African Union aims to have a common policy on the return of looted cultural property.

“Grammys” Expands to Africa

The Recording Academy, behind GRAMMY Awards, is expanding its support for music creators globally.

The Horn of Africa is highly vulnerable to climate change

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the Horn of Africa is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change.

Elon Musk threatens Apple device ban over OpenAI deal

Software integration between two companies ‘unacceptable security violation,’ Musk says, adding Apple ‘has no clue what’s actually going on’

YouTube tightens policies on firearm videos to protect minors

Youtube announces ban on videos to users under 18 showing how to remove firearm safety devices, homemade guns, automatic weapons and certain accessories.

Earth warming at record rate

Earth warming rate hit an all time high in 2023 with 92% of last year’s surprising record

WHO confirms 1st human death from new bird flu strain

WHO announced Wednesday that a resident of Mexico became the world’s first person to die from a bird flu strain not previously detected in humans.

China’s Chang’e 6 collects samples from moon’s dark side

China’s Chang’e 6 lunar probe, sent to the dark side of the Moon, has successfully collected rock and soil samples.

World Bank Group, IMF deepen joint effort to bolster climate action

World Bank to devote 45% of annual financing to climate change adaptation by 2025, renewable energy to 250 million in Africa by 2030

What’s next for Trump after historic criminal conviction ?

Appeals, sentencing, presidential rematch with Biden, more criminal trials

Global plea for wider access to promising new HIV drug

Politicians, health experts, and celebrities join forces to ensure Lenacapavir reaches those in developing countries who need it most.

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