Three Ethiopian soldiers killed in Somalia

According to local reports, Ethiopian soldiers crossing into Somalia to combat the Al-Shabaab terrorist group were attacked.

The Kenyan fencing team trains on the streets

The Kenyan fencing team conducts their training sessions on the streets

Malian singer detained in Italy over child custody dispute

Traoré was on her way to Brussels in 2020 to appeal the custody ruling when she was arrested

Rwanda’s presidential campaign kicks off 

The campaign for Rwanda’s July 15 presidential election began Saturday, with nine million registered voters.

A look at Nigeria’s dominance in global oil production

Nigeria stands as Africa’s largest oil producer and one of the foremost oil exporters on the global stage

Morocco contains massive fire near Tangier

Blaze causes extensive damage to trees, vegetation due to strong winds, high temperatures

RSF condemns militia execution video in Omdurman, Sudan

The statement from RSF further implicated General Burhan and his allies, accusing them of repeated acts of targeted violence based on ethnic and regional affiliations

German aviation experts arrive in Malawi to probe plane crash

Arrival of investigators is in response to call from President Lazarus Chakwera to international community

Seven killed, dozens missing in Northern Nigeria gunmen attack

Armed gangs, known locally as bandits, frequently raid communities in the northwest

RSF accuses extremists of bombing Bahri Thermal Electricity Station

The RSF condemned these terrorist practices and urged international and regional organizations to denounce the crimes committed by Islamic Movement brigades and General Burhan’s forces

Landlocked African nations overcome trade challenges

Landlocked African nations face unique logistical challenges that can hinder their growth and development

Nigerian party leader dies in hajj heatwave

The former APC Welfare Secretary’s death was confirmed by local officials on Thursday

Sierra Leone bans child marriage in new law

Sierra Leone’s parliament has approved a law banning child marriage in a development lauded by activists as a major win for children’s rights. 

The Great Mosque of Djenne: A marvel of mud-brick mastery

Reconstructed in 1907, this iconic structure epitomizes the grandeur of Sudano-Sahelian architecture

Mauritanian govt advocates for regional coalition against terrorism

Mauritanian President Ghazouani called for West African unity to combat regional insurgency ahead of his re-election campaign.

Ivory Coast offers mobile enrollment for faulty health plan

Facing challenges, Ivory Coast rolls out mobile enrollment centers to improve access to its universal health program (CMU).

Machete attacks leave 23 dead in DRC province

A militia group, CODECO, is blamed for attacks in eastern DR Congo’s Ituri province that killed at least 23 people and displaced many others.

Egypt shuts down tourism companies over deaths of Hajj pilgrims

Egypt revoked licenses of 16 tourism companies accused of sending unregistered pilgrims on personal visas to Mecca, contributing to deaths during the Hajj pilgrimage amid scorching temperatures.

Death toll in Kenya protests rises to two as canister hits young man

Second death reported in Kenya protests against tax hikes, with a 21-year-old struck by a tear gas canister and calls for a nationwide strike intensifying.

RSF accuses Burhan, Islamic Movement of killing thousands in Sudan

The RSF further claimed that the SAF and its allies continue to commit crimes based on racial and tribal grounds

Top comedian sworn In as Malawi’s vice-president

Known popularly as “Manganya,” Usi has a long career in acting and advocacy for Malawi’s film industry

Three Ugandan legislators charged with corruption

All three are members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party

Daily life in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, an East African country with a population exceeding 110 million

New South African MP suspended over racist video

His suspension comes after videos he made about 15 years ago, in which he is seen spewing racist language against black people, resurfaced online.

Niger floods kill 21, affect thousands

Heavy rains in Niger during the early days of the rainy season have caused deadly floods, displacing thousands and raising concerns about climate change.

President Rajoelina opens Antananarivo cable car to ease traffic

President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar launches a cable car project in Antananarivo to ease traffic congestion and enhance city mobility.

South Sudan’s peace talks in Kenya fail to recognize 2018 deal

Vice president Riek Machar sent a protest letter to the mediator of the Kenya peace talks, expressing concerns that the draft agreement undermines South Sudan’s 2018 peace deal by proposing alternative institutions.

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