Here’s what to know about the foiled coup in DR Congo

Security forces thwarted a coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday.

Charges dropped against 9 Egyptians in deadly shipwreck case

Up to 700 migrants from Pakistan, Syria, and Egypt boarded a fishing trawler in Libya, bound for Italy, before it sank off the coast of Pylos in southwestern Greece on June 14

Netanyahu vows to continue onslaught against Gaza

Netanyahu said call for arrest warrants by ICC against him and his will not tie Israel’s hands in its war on Gaza.

Migrants in Tunisia ask for safe passage to Europe

Hundreds of Tunisians marched in the streets of Jebeniana this weekend, demanding that the Tunisian government expel the migrants.

President Ruto arrives in US for a 4-day state visit

Kenya is a key US ally in eastern Africa. The two nations have a relatively strong military cooperation.

Morocco, US lead massive ‘African Lion’ military exercise

The 20th edition of the “African Lion” military exercise, the largest in Africa, commenced in Morocco with participation from 20 countries and NATO.

Opposition leader, activist among contenders in Mauritania election

Mauritania’s President Ghazouani will face six challengers in the June 29 election, with the constitutional council rejecting former President Aziz’s candidacy.

Microsoft unveils AI-powered tablet and laptop

The Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop boast advanced AI chips for faster performance and improved creativity with Windows 11 integration.

S Africa backs international warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders

President Ramaphosa of South Africa welcomes the ICC’s prosecution request against Israeli and Hamas leaders, reinforcing the country’s commitment to the international rule of law and human rights.

Mali professor jailed for criticizing military regime in book

A Malian professor received a 2-year prison sentence (1 suspended) for criticizing the military regime in his book, highlighting a crackdown on dissent.

ICC seeks arrest warrants for Israeli PM, defense leader, Hamas chiefs

‘We submit that crimes against humanity charged committed as part of widespread, systematic attack against Palestinian civilian population pursuant to state policy,’ says Karim Khan

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