Egypt airdrops new aid into northern Gaza

Many countries have been airdropping aid including medicines, fuel and food to Palestinian enclave

Israel nearing ceasefire agreement in Gaza conflict

Israel tentatively accepts a ceasefire framework in the Gaza conflict, awaiting Hamas’ response, as US relief aid operations commence amid dire humanitarian conditions.

UN warns of ongoing violence in South Sudan ahead of elections

Despite a peace deal in 2018, South Sudan continues to experience violence, human rights abuses, and delays in implementing key peace agreement provisions ahead of December’s elections.

Senegal citizens push for swift resolution on elections

Amidst a constitutional crisis, Senegal witnesses citizens gathering to demand swift presidential elections by April 2.

South Sudan: Sanctions for least developed countries’ struggles

African LDCs face hurdles reaching UN development goals. Funding, resources key.

FIFA president cancels “Blue Card” idea for soccer

FIFA rejects controversial blue cards, opts for limited sin bin trials in lower divisions.

Suspected arsonist in custody for targeting Synagogue in Tunisia

Synagogue fire in Tunisia prompts arrest of a public official; authorities probe if the blaze deliberately targeted the Jewish place of worship.

Social media fuels surge in African migrants to US-Mexico border

Social media buzz has sparked a significant increase in African migration to the US, with Senegalese migrants using a new route through Nicaragua to reach the US-Mexico border.

Chad’s junta leader declares candidacy after rival’s killing

Chad’s junta leader, Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno, announced his candidacy for the May 6th presidential election, raising concerns about fairness.

Cameroon to try 17, including businessman, in journalist’s murder

Journalist’s murder rocks Cameroon. 17 suspects, including powerful figures, to be tried.

UN warns of stalled dialogue deepens Sudan’s suffering

Millions face starvation and lack of medical care due to Sudan’s ongoing conflict, prompting the UN to call for urgent action.

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