Algeria removes Barbie movie from cinemas for ‘morals violation’

Algeria has taken the step to remove the film “Barbie” from its theaters due to reported ethical concerns, aligning with an increasing trend among various Arab nations that have also chosen to prohibit the global box office hit.

Despite its global earnings surpassing $1.2 billion, “Barbie” had a release in Algeria on July 19, only to be removed from cinema schedules on Sunday without any explanation.

The distributor of the film in the North African nation also confirmed its removal but refrained from providing reasons for the decision.

According to well-informed sources cited by the online news site 24H Algerie, the film was withdrawn from circulation in Algeria due to allegations of “moral violations.”

TSA reported that “Algeria has become embroiled in controversy over Barbie due to scenes intended for adult audiences.”

The film was discreetly removed from cinemas, as reported.

Despite being eagerly anticipated by LGBTQ communities globally, the film does not overtly depict same-sex relationships or incorporate queer themes.

Algeria’s Ministry of Culture, which typically discloses film prohibitions along with their rationale, has chosen to maintain silence on the matter thus far.

The choice to suspend the screenings of Barbie in the country aligns with similar actions taken across the region.

Kuwait recently prohibited the film, citing concerns about “public ethics,” as officials revealed.

The day prior, Lebanon’s culture minister had requested authorities to ban Barbie for allegedly “promoting homosexuality,” as anti-LGBTQ sentiments intensify in one of the more progressive nations in the Middle East.

Despite the absence of an official announcement, the film remains unavailable for screening in Qatar.

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