Another Sudanese Army unit joins the ranks of RSF

The Sudanese Rapid Support Forces (RSF) announced that members of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) 6th Fashier Infantry Division in North Darfur State, have joined their ranks

In a statement from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), they welcomed the new recruits who joined them from the 6th Division in North Darfur.

The statement also highlighted the increasing number of individuals who have joined the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) recently, emphasizing that they will form a core foundation for the unified National Professional Army.

“The control that the former regime exerts over the SAF leadership threatens to destroy the foundations of our nation and return Sudan to the days when tribalism and chaos reigned. These corrupt forces continue to deplete our national resources and weaken the ranks of the SAF, using it as a tool to conduct failed coups while suppressing the people – as opposed to defending them, safeguarding our constitution, and protecting our borders.” said the RSF in their latest media statement.

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