Around 40 migrants rescued, others found drowned off Cape Verde

Authorities in Cape Verde reported on Tuesday that a number of migrants have tragically lost their lives, while approximately 40 individuals have been rescued from a boat.

Cape Verdean media revealed that the boat, a “pirogue” style vessel commonly used in the region, departed from Senegal a month ago. Local police indicated that approximately 100 individuals had embarked from the West African coast.

Late on Tuesday, Senegal’s foreign ministry reported that a total of 38 individuals, including a citizen of Guinea-Bissau, had been successfully rescued from the migrant boat located off the Cape Verde coast.

On Monday, a Spanish fishing boat detected the vessel approximately 200 miles from the island of Sal and promptly notified Cape Verde authorities, the police stated.

“We must open our arms and welcome the living and bury the dead with dignity,” said Cape Verdean Health Minister Filomena Goncalves, as quoted by the Inforpress news agency.

The boat contained around 40 survivors and several deceased individuals, although sources provided varying accounts of the precise figures.

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