Attack that killed eleven in eastern DR Congo blamed on M23 rebels

Sources in Rutshuru territory reported on Sunday that at least 11 men were discovered killed in eastern DR Congo. The sources said the killings were carried out by M23 rebels.

The bodies were found in Bukombo, situated approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of the regional capital, Goma, according to the sources.

A resident, speaking over the phone to media, confirmed that they were at the scene and observed 11 civilian corpses. Some had been shot, while others had been killed using knives. The resident emphasized that the deceased were all civilians.

According to a civil society leader, the number of casualties was estimated at 12.

He stated that the rebels had engaged in clashes with “self-defense groups” the previous day and departed with individuals who were coerced into carrying their belongings.

Since re-emerging from a period of inactivity in late 2021, the Tutsi-led rebel group known as M23 has captured substantial territories and caused the displacement of approximately one million people in the region.

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