Barbie sales skyrocket as movie frenzy hits South Africa

South Africa is experiencing a surge in Barbie doll sales as the “Barbie” movie craze sweeps the country’s shores, leading to toy stores witnessing a delightful spike in cotton candy-hued boom in sales.

The iconic toy, famous for its blonde mane, blue eyes, and pink clothing, has been a household favorite in the southern African nation for decades. However, interest has seen a remarkable surge in recent weeks.

Catherine Jacoby, the local marketing manager for global toy retailer Toys R Us said since the opening of the movie they had seen a 30% surge in Barbie sales.

On Wednesday, an opulent, pink display wall adorned with Barbies and dollhouses took center stage at the entrance of a toy store in an upscale suburb of Johannesburg.

The Barbie craze has captivated people of all ages, with strong sales observed for Barbies in all skin tones, according to Hylton Bannon, the managing director at South African toy store chain Toy Kingdom.

We’ve got little girls coming in but we’ve also got adults who are collectors,” Bannon told media, highlighting that last week’s sales had doubled compared to the same period last year.

“Kidults,” referring to nostalgic grown-ups purchasing toys “for comfort” and to rekindle their inner child, are an expanding segment of the market, according to Jacoby of Toys R Us. These buyers contribute significantly to the rising interest in Barbie dolls and toys.

The first black Barbie doll made its debut in 1980 and has consistently performed admirably in South Africa, Bannon added.

Barbie’s premiere in Johannesburg last week drew a crowd of influencers and celebrities donning various shades of pink. They took social media by storm, sharing snaps of themselves in a dedicated Barbie box photo booth, generating a buzz around the event.

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