Chad leader pardons 110 held over protests

The leader of Chad has pardoned 110 people who were detained during the protests in October.

Chad’s leader, General Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno, has granted pardons to 110 people who were imprisoned after participating in protests against the government in October.

Protests against Deby’s extended rule erupted in N’Djamena and other towns last October.

Deby became head of state after his father’s death after his father ruled for 30 years and was killed during anti-rebel operations.

Chadian President Deby signed a decree granting a presidential pardon to individuals convicted of unauthorised assembly, assault, battery, arson, and property destruction after the events of October 20.

Over 600 young men, including 80 minors, were arrested in N’Djamena. They were later sent to a prison in Koro Toro, located 600 kilometres away.

Detained for months, they faced trial without a lawyer.

Over half of them received prison sentences, while the rest got suspended sentences or were released.

Local and international rights groups allege torture and executions en route to Koro Toro, a claim denied by authorities.

110 people in Chad have been pardoned by the public prosecutor at the N’Djamena Court of Appeal. These individuals had previously been tried and sentenced to prison terms ranging from 18 months to five years in various cities across the country.

Chadian authorities have pardoned 436 individuals involved in last October’s protests. This decision comes just four months after their conviction.

In March, 259 demonstrators were pardoned for their prison sentences. Another 67 people were pardoned in May.

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