Drought causes Tunisian grain harvest to fall by 60%

Tunisia’s Agriculture Ministry on Friday reported that country’s grain harvest experienced a sharp decline of 60%, reaching 250,000 tonnes this year, mainly attributed to severe drought conditions.

As Tunisia aims to secure an international rescue package, the further deterioration in the grain crop’s production is expected to exacerbate the country’s financial challenges.

In March, the farmers union had forewarned about the looming disaster in Tunisia’s grain harvest due to the severe impact of drought. Their prediction of a significant decline in the crop to 250,000 tonnes this year was accurate.

According to Agriculture Ministry official Salwa Ben Hdid, an overwhelming 99% of this season’s crop in Tunisia comprises durum wheat.

In response to the severe drought conditions, authorities have implemented water rationing measures in the capital and other cities this year. As part of this strategy, drinking water is being cut off during nighttime to curtail consumption.

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