IGAD warns Sudan could turn into potential haven for terrorism

A senior official from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) warned on Sunday about the potential for Sudan to become a haven for terrorists as the official urged member states to work together to find solutions to address the threats of terrorism and conflicts in the region.

Abebe Molonie, the head of the security sector program at IGAD, stated that the Horn of Africa region is rich in natural resources.

However, the challenges of instability, terrorism, and climate change pose significant concerns.

He added, “Collective actions must be taken to deter the terrorist threat by developing a sustainable solution to the conflict in the region.” He continued, “Terrorist groups in Syria are looking for a vacuum to exploit after their defeat. This vacuum is now available in the East Africa region.”

Molonie clarified, “For example, there is a danger in Sudan. If a solution is not reached for the issue in Sudan, it is believed that terrorist groups will exploit this vacuum.”

“Both the Somali Al Shabaab movement and ISIS are active in the region. One of the reasons for this is the weakness of the government in Somalia, which has become a safe haven for these groups. Migration from Yemen to our region is also increasing.” said Abebe Molonie.

“All of this illustrates the fact that war deprives you of a peaceful life and throws you into fire and hell, so everyone must work to avoid war,” he said.

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