Iranian, Kenyan leaders pledge to strengthen bilateral relations

During Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to Kenya, Tehran and Nairobi committed to enhancing their relationship and solidified their cooperation through a series of trade agreements signed on Wednesday.

The Islamic republic’s efforts to garner diplomatic backing are underscored by Raisi’s visit to Kenya, marking the first time an Iranian leader has embarked on an African tour in 11 years.

In addition to Kenya, Raisi is scheduled to travel to Uganda and Zimbabwe this week, further solidifying diplomatic ties and seeking support from these nations.

In recent months, Africa has become a focal point of diplomatic competition, as both Russia and Western nations seek to garner support in the aftermath of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The geopolitical struggle has taken a toll on the continent, resulting in a severe economic impact that has led to skyrocketing food prices.

Raisi said his talks with Ruto reflected “the determination and resolve of both countries for expansion of economic and trade cooperation, political cooperation, cultural cooperation”.

Kenyan president described Iran as “a critical strategic partner for Kenya” and added that two governments had signed five MoU’s focusing on areas including information technology, investment promotion and fisheries.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani earlier expressed optimism that the three-day trip could help bolster economic and trade ties with African nations.

He also said on Monday that Tehran and the African continent share “common political views”, without elaborating further.

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