Jumia stops food delivery services to focus on E-commerce operations

Pan-African E-commerce Giant Jumia to Halt Food Delivery Operations, Emphasizes Focus on E-commerce

Jumia, the Pan-African e-commerce platform, has announced its decision to cease its food delivery service by the year’s end due to profitability challenges.

This decision impacts operations across seven countries where the service currently operates: Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Ivory Coast.

In an official statement, Jumia cited the “challenging economics” involved in the food delivery sector as the primary reason for this move, prompting the company to shift its attention toward the physical goods segment. Notably, mobile phones are among the most frequently purchased items on their platform.

Founded in Nigeria by two French entrepreneurs and established in 2012, Jumia made history by becoming the first Africa-focused tech company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2019.

While discontinuing its food delivery service, Jumia remains committed to its e-commerce operations in eleven African countries.

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