Kenya forges closer ties with Mozambique as leaders sign key deals

 Kenyan President William Ruto, who is currently on a state visit to Mozambique, fortified diplomatic ties between the two countries by signing new deals Thursday with his counterpart Filipe Nyusi.

The leaders engaged in bilateral talks in the capital Maputo which culminated in the signing of seven crucial memorandums of understanding (MoUs).

Ruto said the MoUs encompass a wide spectrum of collaborative endeavors based on the commitment of both countries to enhance mutual development and progress.

He said in a statement that the MoUs cover “various areas of cooperation, including mutual legal assistance, diplomatic training, public service training, investment promotion, the Blue Economy and mutual recognition of driving licenses.”

“Kenya-Mozambique relations stand on a strong pedestal of trade and investment. We celebrate the longstanding warm and cordial relations between the two countries and undertake to strengthen our ties, to enhance trade volumes that remain relatively low.”

President Nyusi echoed Ruto’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the two countries in achieving sustainable development goals.

He noted that through joint efforts, Kenya and Mozambique can leverage strengths and resources to drive positive change.

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