Kenyan troops won’t make it home if deployed – Sudanese general

In a video released on Monday, a senior Sudanese general vehemently rejected a Kenyan-led proposal for East African peacekeepers to intervene and resolve the Sudan conflict.

The general threatened that any such troops would not make it back home alive.

Earlier this month, IGAD, an East African regional bloc of which Kenya is a member, put forth an initiative that involves deploying peacekeepers in the capital, Khartoum.

The Sudanese army has consistently rejected the Kenyan-led initiative, accusing the regional power of supporting the RSF (Rapid Support Forces).

“Leave the East African forces where they are. Bring the Kenyan army … I swear to god, not one of them would make it back,” said Sudanese General Yassir al Atta to his troops.

He also accused Kenya of being influenced or bought off by an unnamed third country.

Kenya’s foreign affairs principal secretary Korir Sing’Oei speaking to media regarding the general’s comments said, “This statement is unworthy of our comment,” and added that Kenya was a neutral party.

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