Morocco road accident leaves 24 dead – officials

Officials reported that a tragic road accident in the central province of Azilal in Morocco has resulted in the loss of 24 lives on Sunday.

Local authorities have stated that the fatalities occurred when a minibus transporting passengers to a weekly market in the town of Demnate overturned on a bend.

An investigation has been initiated, according to the authorities.

Road accidents are common on the streets of Morocco and other nations in North Africa.

In March, a tragic incident claimed the lives of 11 individuals, primarily agricultural workers. The minibus they were in collided with a tree when the driver lost control in the rural town of Brachoua, according to local authorities.

Numerous less affluent citizens rely on coaches and minibuses for transportation in rural regions.

In August of the previous year, a bus accident resulted in 23 fatalities and 36 injuries when the vehicle overturned on a curve east of Morocco’s economic hub, Casablanca.

Every year, approximately 3,500 road fatalities and 12,000 injuries are documented in Morocco, as reported by the National Road Safety Agency. This amounts to an average of 10 deaths per day.

The figure last year was around 3,200.

Since the deadliest bus accident in the country’s history claimed 42 lives in 2012, authorities have been working towards reducing the mortality rate by 50% by 2026.

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