Nearly three million people displaced by Sudan conflict – IOM

The International Organization for Migration says the conflict between military factions in Sudan, which started almost three months ago, has resulted in over 3 million people being displaced.

Residents in Omdurman and Bahri reported the presence of fighter jets and artillery shelling on Wednesday.

In addition, recent days have witnessed clashes between the army and influential SPLM rebel factions in South Kordofan State, as well as in Blue Nile State near the Ethiopian border.

The ongoing fighting has resulted in extensive destruction of significant areas in the capital and has sparked a series of attacks in Darfur. As a result, civilians have been subjected to rampant looting, frequent power outages, scarcity of food and water, a deterioration of healthcare services, and a disturbing rise in incidents of sexual violence.

The RSF has called on civilians to report violations and said members found to be involved in abuses will be held to account.

The majority fleeing Sudan have chosen to escape northwards towards Egypt or westwards towards Chad. Additionally, significant numbers of individuals have sought refuge in South Sudan and Ethiopia.

International efforts to broker an end to the fighting have shown little sign of progress, including talks led by Saudi Arabia and the United States in Jeddah that were adjourned last month, and an African-led meeting in Addis Ababa this week which was not attended by Sudan’s Army.

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