Nigeria sets national response plan to fight recurring floods

The Nigerian government has taken action by activating its national response plan as it anticipates another round of annual flooding linked to climate change, with particular attention given to several vulnerable states, according to reports.

Following the devastating floods last year that claimed over 600 lives, the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria has proactively initiated preparations for the expected dangerous deluge, seeking air support from the country’s air force and activating response offices nationwide, as stated by a government spokesperson.

Annually, Nigeria faces deadly floods, largely due to a combination of neglected environmental guidelines and insufficient infrastructure.

However, the severity of last year’s floods was exacerbated by abnormal rainfall patterns and the release of excess water from a neighboring dam in Cameroon, resulting in a tragic loss of life and extensive destruction across 33 states, the capital city, and approximately 340,000 hectares of land.

A recent alert issued by the Federal Ministry of Environment has put as many as 14 states on high alert for imminent floods, urging them to take precautionary measures to safeguard lives.

Already this year, several states, including the capital city of Abuja, have experienced flooding, causing significant damage to homes and blocking major roads, leading authorities to identify hundreds of houses for potential demolition.

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