Nigeria shuts down all borders with Niger

A nigerian soldier is seen holding his position in Mararaba town in Yola after capturing it from Boko Haram

The acting comptroller general, Bashir Adeniyi, while visiting the Niger – Nigeria border in Jibia, Katsina State on Friday, said security agents would ensure total compliance with the order.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is meting sanctions on Niger Republic after its presidential guards toppled President Mohamed Bazoum and announced Abdrahmane Tchiani as the country’s new leader.

Electricity supply to Niger Republic was also cut off by Nigeria as part of the sanctions.

Mr Adeniyi said “President Bola Tinubu is the champion of economic integration in the region and would continue to take the right decisions to ensure stability in West Africa”.

He said the Nigerian president had shown he had the might to be in charge of the regional economic bloc, ECOWAS.

“Now, we have a situation in our hands where there is instability and insecurity. This situation does not allow for trade to flourish.

“We cannot have any meaningful trade in an atmosphere of insecurity and instability that we presently have in Niger Republic. That is why the ECOWAS, through the Authority of the Heads of States, had taken the decision to suspend and close all land borders with the Republic of Niger.

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