Niger’s president says citizens will ensure preservation of democracy

Deposed in a military coup, Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum affirmed on the social media platform X on Thursday that “hard-won gains will be safeguarded” and expressed confidence that Nigeriens who cherish democracy will ensure its preservation.

The country’s foreign minister, Hassoumi Massoudou, also posted on the platform formerly known as Twitter, urging “all democrats and patriots” to thwart this “perilous adventure.”

Their statements came after soldiers delivered a late-night address on national television on Wednesday, announcing the removal of Bazoum from power and the suspension of all institutions of the republic.

This marks the seventh coup in West and Central Africa since 2020.

Earlier on Wednesday, members of the presidential guard had confined Bazoum inside the presidential palace, leading to regional and international concerns regarding instability in a country that serves as a crucial ally for Western powers in countering the insurgency in the Sahel region.

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