Sierra Leone enforces nationwide curfew following prison break

Sierra Leone has imposed a countrywide curfew following a prison breach orchestrated by unidentified attackers.

The Central Padema Road prison in Freetown experienced a mass release of inmates by armed men, as confirmed by an official to BBC News.

Prior to this, armed individuals targeted a military barracks near the presidential residence, leading to gunfire, according to local residents.

Responding swiftly, the Ministry of Information imposed a widespread curfew, urging citizens across the nation to stay indoors.

President Julius Maada Bio assured the public that order would be reinstated and initiated a search for the assailants.

Despite this, reports from Freetown by BBC’s Umaru Fofana suggest ongoing unrest, with soldiers seen wielding heavy weaponry in commandeered police vehicles, expressing intentions to “clean Sierra Leone.”

President Bio, re-elected in June after narrowly avoiding a run-off, faces challenges amid recent arrests of soldiers accused of plotting against his government.

This unrest reflects a troubling pattern in the region, mirroring military takeovers witnessed in neighboring Guinea and other West and Central African nations.

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