Six migrants drown off Morocco trying to reach Europe

Authorities reported that on Saturday that six migrants drowned while attempting to reach Spain from northern Morocco, adding to the growing number of fatalities resulting from an increase in attempted sea crossings since June.

On Friday, a group of 54 migrants ventured out to an inflatable dinghy near El Kallat beach, close to Nador. The boat collided with rocks amidst rough sea conditions, resulting in the death of six passengers, as reported by local authorities.

According to authorities, the remaining 48 migrants managed to return to the shore safely, where they received first aid assistance.

The Nador branch of the Moroccan Association of Human Rights confirmed that the six individuals who lost their lives were all Moroccan nationals.

The NGO added that on Saturday, a second group of 40 male migrants successfully arrived at the Spanish coast.

High-speed inflatables that were previously utilized for transporting narcotics from Morocco to Europe have seen a growing use for ferrying migrants to Spain.

Besides these inflatables, migrants have employed canoes, kayaks, and even jet skis in their determined efforts to seek a better life within the European Union.

During the week spanning from July 10 to 17, the Moroccan navy reported rescuing close to 900 migrants, with the majority of them hailing from sub-Saharan Africa.

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