Soldier kills at least a dozen mourners, 9 children, in Congo shooting

A soldier opened fire on people gathered to mourn his deceased child on Saturday night killing at least 13, including nine children, the army and local officials said on Sunday.

The shooting incident took place in Nyakova village, situated on the shores of Lake Albert in the eastern Ituri province of Congo.

Search teams have been actively looking for the soldier responsible for the shooting.

The individual is identified as a member of Congo’s navy. Additionally, authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident to uncover the circumstances surrounding the event.

Village chief Oscar Baraka Muguwa said 13 people were killed, including nine children.

The motive behind the soldier’s shooting spree remains unclear. According to Muguwa, the soldier expressed concerns about not being present during the burial of his child, which may have contributed to his actions.

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