South Africa legal team return from The Hague

As the war in Gaza reaches an unprecedented 100 days, the arrival of the South African Legal team brings hope and renewed determination. Their expertise and unwavering commitment to human rights have left a lasting impact on the global stage.

“That’s our inspiration when President Mandela said South Africa is not free until Palestine is free that’s something that remains deeply. Ofcourse we are also inspired by the Freedom Charter that says there shall be peace and friendship in the world.”, Chrispin Phiri- Ministerial Spokesperson; RSA Department of Justice.

South Africans have sung the praises of the legal team, not only for calling for an immediate ceasefire and access to aid, but for heightening the plight of Palestinians globally.

“We have to show the world, okay even though they know that South Africa stands with Palestine ,South Africa stands with humanity. We have to show the world that the people in South Africa stand with our government we stand with Palestine.”, this lady says. 

For this other gentleman, “The world has already spoken to say this is genocide, we don’t need a court case but we needed approval to say what the people of the world are saying is right”.

As the world awaits a verdict from the International Court of Justice the raging conflict continues while scores lose lives and millions are displaced.

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