Sudanese civil forces in Addis Ababa agree on a plan to end the war

The Sudanese civil forces, signatories of the framework agreement, announced their consensus during their meeting in Addis Ababa to establish a broad civil front and a political vision aimed at ending the war, as well as initiating state-building and reconstruction.

In their concluding statement, the coalition stated, An agreement has been reached to establish a strong, unified army that reflects Sudan’s diversity, under civilian authority, and lays the foundation for a true democratic civilian governance system at all levels.

The vision also included a reaffirmation that the governing system shall be federal, based on recognizing the authentic rights of Sudan’s regions to manage their affairs, and a plan to adopt a mixed economic system.

Furthermore, the vision encompasses “dismantling the system of the former president Omar al-Bashir, which includes ending the dominance of remnants from the previous regime, and reestablishing and building state institutions on a solid foundation, making them representative of Sudan’s plurality and diversity, while adhering to professionalism, competence, and the principles of sound governance.”

The Sudanese civil forces emphasized the necessity for “ending this war through a peaceful political resolution that leads to a national agreement on a new Sudanese developmental project based on equal citizenship, democracy, peace, sustainable development, social justice, transitional justice, accountability, transparency, and a balance of interests between the central government and the regions.”

They also called for the necessity of “protecting civilians and delivering humanitarian aid to all affected individuals, immediately halting all forms of violations, and conducting an independent investigation into them.” They reiterated their ongoing communication with regional governments and addressing them regarding further support and assistance to alleviate the suffering of Sudanese people displaced by the war.

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