Sudan’s RSF welcomes final resolution of Togo summit

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) welcomed the final resolution from the meeting of political and civil leaders from Darfur, which was held in Togo’s Lome last week.

The talks, aimed at finding a solution to the Sudan conflict concluded with the creation of a roadmap and an action plan to tackle the violence in Darfur, and within Sudan.

RSF in their statement said that they are committed to fulfilling the requirements in the resolution and as well as “respective duties toward establishing peace, security and stability in the country, and, particularly, in Darfur.”

The group added that ready to implement all the West Darfur provisions as the region “recently witnessed tragic events”and that RSF would “work to calm the situation and support security and peace throughout Darfur.”

The group’s statement reemphasized comments from its top envoy Youssef Ezzat in Togo.

“Sudanese people are suffering from war for decades in regions like Darfur, in Blue Nile, in South Sudan and East Sudan and now in the capital in Khartoum, so this is the time to end the war and to start a new future for Sudanese people, peace, development, justice and equality. That’s what we are looking for and I think it’s time for peace in Sudan,” Ezzad said at the talks.

Ezzat expressed RSF’ willingness to participate in any form of meeting aimed at promoting peace, reconciliation, and ending the conflicts in Darfur and Sudan.

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