Supa Team 4 debuts as Netflix’s first African animation

Netflix’s first original African animated series had its premiere on Thursday, with its creator expressing the desire for this debut to open doors for more content from the continent.

“Supa Team 4,” set in a futuristic portrayal of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, narrates the tale of four teenage girls who become covert superheroes upon being enlisted by a retired secret agent to rescue the world.

“I’m excited that the world finally gets to see the fantastic show that the incredibly talented super team, from Africa and beyond, have put together,” Zambian writer Malenga Mulendema told media in a statement.

“We hope ‘Supa Team 4’… will lead to further investment and collaboration so we can continue to grow the industry.”

Mulendema brought the series to life after presenting her idea during a pan-African talent search conducted by the animation studio Triggerfish. She emerged as one of the winners in 2015, which paved the way for the creation of the series.

“(Animation) series shaped our childhoods and to know young Zambians get to see what they’ve never seen on TV before is Amazing!!” Zambian singer Sampa the Great, who worked on the theme song, wrote on Instagram this month.

In recent years, Netflix has made significant efforts to diversify its production beyond the United States, achieving success with popular series such as the Spanish hit “Money Heist” and the South Korean dystopian drama “Squid Game.”

In April, Netflix announced its intention to expand its operations in Africa, aiming to provide “more African storytellers with an amplified voice on the global stage.”

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