Tanzania ends ban on night bus travel

In a major development, Tanzania has officially lifted the ban on night-time upcountry bus travel, marking the end of a longstanding restriction that has been in place since the 1990s. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa made the announcement during a parliamentary session, citing the ban’s initial implementation as a response to the increasing number of road accidents and bus hijackings.

The decision to revoke the ban comes after thorough consultations with various stakeholders in the transportation sector, taking into account the significant improvements in both infrastructure and security. Prime Minister Majaliwa emphasized the government’s commitment to providing safer and more efficient travel options for the citizens, highlighting how the advancements in infrastructure and security measures have played a crucial role in reconsidering the prohibition on night travel.

The lifting of this long-standing ban is expected to have a substantial impact on Tanzania’s transportation sector, offering potential benefits in terms of economic growth and enhanced travel opportunities for passengers. The association of Tanzanian bus owners has expressed their wholehearted support for this positive change, anticipating a surge in business prospects and overall industry improvements.

By lifting the ban, Tanzania demonstrates its dedication to advancing transportation infrastructure while prioritizing the safety and convenience of its citizens. This decision reflects a broader vision for progress and development within the country’s transport sector, opening up new avenues for economic growth and improved travel experiences for all.

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