The ‘Giants Of Africa” come to Rwanda

The opening ceremony of the “African Giants Festival” was held in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, where young people from 16 countries came together. At the opening ceremony of the festival, groups performing local dance performances created colorful images. Music groups also took the stage and the ceremony was well attended.

The organizers say the On-Court Basketball Skills Development Camp, involving 250 boys and girls from the 16 participating nations, will continue on the festival’s second day, Monday, August 14, under the direction of GOA’s NBA coaches and staff.

On 18 August, a championship game and all-star competition will wrap up the basketball camp and tournament, which will last for one week.

On the final day of the festival, August 19, the closing concert for the GOA festival will include an extraordinary array of highly regarded performers from around the world. Afrobeats legend Davido will grace the stage with his contagious energy and alluring stage presence following the success of his fourth studio album.

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