UK launches $5M Ghana Gold Mining Program

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly arrived in Ghana on Monday, commencing a four-day visit to three African countries with the aim of strengthening “future-focused, mutually beneficial” partnerships.

During his visit, he attended the launch of the UK-Ghana Gold-Mining Program, where it was revealed that the British government has earmarked £3.9 million ($5 million) to support the government of Ghana in formalizing and regulating its small-scale mining sector while promoting responsible environmental practices.

The implementation of the initiative was agreed upon by both nations during the UK-Ghana Security Dialogue in London last year.

The three-year program aims to complement Ghana’s ongoing efforts to improve the small-scale mining sector through initiatives such as community mining schemes and alternative employment and livelihood programs for artisanal small-scale miners.

“I’m proud that the UK is working alongside you, helping you to do what is right and the people of your country to ensure that criminality cannot and will not thrive here,” Cleverly said during the launch.

Following his time in Ghana, the foreign secretary is scheduled to visit Nigeria on Tuesday before concluding his tour in Zambia on Thursday.

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