Venezuelan diplomat sentenced to 20 years in Kenyan prison for murder

A Kenyan court on Friday handed down a 20-year prison sentence to a former high-ranking Venezuelan diplomat for the 2012 murder of the acting ambassador of the Latin American nation.

The crime took place at the ambassador’s residence, located in an affluent neighborhood of Nairobi.

Dwight Sagaray, previously holding the position of first secretary at the embassy, was convicted earlier this year in January, along with three Kenyan nationals, for the murder of Olga Fonseca.

Judge Roselyn Korir handed down a 20-year prison sentence to all four men, including Dwight Sagaray, involved in the case.

In a January ruling the court determined that Sagaray could be prosecuted for the murder, as his diplomatic immunity was revoked subsequent to the crime.

Less than two weeks into her assignment in Nairobi, Olga Fonseca was discovered strangled in her bedroom.

Her posting followed the sudden departure of the previous ambassador, who faced allegations of sexual harassment by his domestic staff.

The court determined that Sagaray, who had been leading the mission prior to Fonseca’s arrival, harbored resentment towards her presence.

Sagaray was displeased with Fonseca’s appointment as he desired to retain control over the embassy’s operations, the court said.

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