Washington deeply alarmed about Wagner’s ‘destabilizing activities...

Washington “remains deeply concerned” about Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner PMC’s “destabilizing activities” in Africa, said the White House on Friday.

US National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby speaking at an event said that since 2016 Wagner PMC infiltrated African countries such as the Central African Republic and more recently Mali, “undermining their sovereignty, stealing their natural resources and killing their people”.

“We have no indication that Wagner is decreasing its intent to exploit African countries despite the events of last weekend,” said Kirby, referring to a revolt led by Prigozhin in response to an alleged Russian strike on his PMC.

Kirby said Wagner is playing a “deadly and toxic” role in Mali, where it has operated since December 2021.

“Our information indicates that the Malian transition government has paid $200 million to Wagner since late 2021,” said Kirby.

“Despite these hundreds of millions of dollars, Wagner has not improved Mali’s security situation,” he said. “Wagner has instead brought more bloodshed, creating opportunities for terrorist exploitation”.

Kirby said that Washington will continue to work with its allies to address the threats that Wagner poses in Africa and elsewhere.

“We’re also going to keep open additional opportunities to hold Wagner accountable as appropriate there or anywhere else that we find them continuing to conduct these destabilizing activities,” he added.

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