Sunny, dry weather boosting cocoa prospects in Ivory Coast, farmers say

Farmers stated on Monday that a combination of above-average rainfall and ample sunshine in the primary cocoa regions of Ivory Coast last week indicates favorable conditions for the main crop period from October to March.

During its rainy season, which spans from April to mid-November, the world’s leading cocoa producer experiences frequent and substantial rainfall.

According to multiple farmers, the growing conditions have improved following floods caused by excessive rainfall towards the end of the previous month.

The presence of sunny spells is contributing to increased flower and cherelle production in cocoa trees. Farmers anticipate a promising harvest from late August or early September.

The farmers further added that the sunshine would enhance the yields, bean size, and quality of the main cocoa crop. They emphasized that it would also aid in mitigating pests and diseases that arise due to excessive soil moisture.

Lazare N’Guessan, a farmer near Daloa, said, “We have rain and good sun. If this continues, trees will be loaded with fruit by mid- August,”

Last week, Daloa received 55.8 millimeters (mm) of rain, surpassing the five-year average by 31.3 mm.

Average temperatures ranged between 25.2 and 28.3 degrees Celsius in Ivory Coast last week.

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