20 migrant families sheltering at a gym in Lyon

Charities have called on the French government to arrange accommodation for 20 migrant families sheltering at a gym in Lyon, including 20 children, local media reported Sunday.

The families, whom mostly came from Africa, have been living at Bellecombe Gym for a month, French broadcaster BFMTV reported.

Juliette Murtin from the Jamais sans Toit (Never without a Roof) charity group said they have been distributing humanitarian aid to the stranded families.

She said no one was sent by the authorities to deal with the issue although they requested it a long time ago.

Murtin referred to the substandard health conditions at the gym, adding they have worsened with the rising temperatures.

An unnamed person living at the gym said “Children suffer. There are too many of us. It’s hot inside. We find it difficult to eat. It’s difficult to live in these conditions.”

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