Dozens still missing in Indian village hit by landslide

Rescue workers in India’s Maharashtra state have recovered 27 bodies so far while 57 people are missing after a landslide last week, the state minister said Sunday.

The landslide last Wednesday in Irshalwadi, a mountain village in Raigad district, buried a large number of houses, prompting authorities to launch a massive rescue operation.

Addressing reporters, Uday Sawant, a minister in Raigad, said India’s National Disaster Response Force has called off its search-and rescue operations in the area.

“The decision was taken in consultation with the district administration and other concerned authorities as well as local residents,” he said.
The local administration is also prohibiting the movement of people other than those involved in the relief work. The decision was taken to ensure that no resident goes to the village looking for their valuables.

According to officials, the area is geographically remote and it was proving difficult for them to carry out the rescue operation.

Thousands of people were also evacuated after rains battered the area.

Soon after the incident, teams from the National Disaster Response Force reached the spot and a rescue operation was launched together with the local administration.

Dozens of people have lost their lives in various Indian states in the past few weeks as heavy monsoon rains lashed several parts of the country.

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