French health minister urges mask wearing of COVID-19

France’s health minister on Monday urged people to adopt the “reflex of wearing a mask” in case of showing COVID-19 symptoms or contacting with vulnerable people.

“Today, we do not have this scenario,” Aurelien Rousseau told broadcaster BFMTV when asked about mandatory use of face masks, as was the case during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The COVID-19 and its variants that we know neither present a danger, nor show a particularly preoccupying number of cases,” he further said, adding that the government is continuing to monitor the situation.

“As soon as there is a small symptom or you are in contact with people under risk, you should get back the reflex to wear masks,” Rousseau warned.

France recorded a slight increase in COVID-19 cases recently, and a hospital in the southwestern department of Gironde imposed mandatory use of masks inside the building.

The Health Ministry decided to launch a new vaccination campaign as of October for those under risk, including those older than 65, pregnant women and healthcare workers.

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