Italy, Croatia, Slovenia sign declaration to combat irregular migration

Italy, Croatia and Slovenia signed a joint declaration on Monday aimed at enhancing cooperation in areas such as combating irregular migration, the environment, economy and transportation.

The three countries’ foreign affairs ministers met in the Italian city of Ancona to further deepen their cooperation focused on the North Adriatic.

After the trilateral meeting, they signed a joint declaration focusing on strengthening maritime connections in the Adriatic, particularly in combating human trafficking and illegal migration, improving transportation, enhancing coordination among national positions within the institutional bodies of the European Union and reinforcing trilateral cooperation.

During a joint press conference, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani emphasized that they approached the issues of illegal migration and human trafficking with a European vision, saying “there is no other way to address this issue than through a European-wide solution, including the protection of external borders.”

“Additionally, we have also considered the situation in Africa, because by assessing what is happening there, we can find solutions to the migration problem,” he said.

Tajani also emphasized the strategic importance of the Western Balkan region for the future of the EU, highlighting the need to accelerate the region’s integration process into the bloc.

“As Italy, we are the closest country to the region. We want to take a leading role in this region by strengthening ties with EU member states and candidates. Together, we want to bring stability to this region,” he said.

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