Russia says impossible to resume Black Sea grain deal for now

The Kremlin said on Tuesday that it was not feasible for Russia to return to the UN-backed Black Sea grain deal for now, as a part of the agreement related to Russian interests was “not being implemented.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov informed reporters that President Vladimir Putin had emphasized the possibility of reviving the deal if the specific part concerning Russia’s interests in the agreement was honored.

The deal, which was facilitated by the United Nations and Turkey in July of last year, had a primary objective of mitigating a global food crisis by enabling the secure export of grain that was previously impeded due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Peskov said holding discussions on grain supplies with African countries during an upcoming Russia-Africa summit later this week will be of significant importance.

However, Kremlin on Tuesday accused Western countries of attempting to hinder African states from participating in the summit scheduled this week in Saint Petersburg, aimed at bolstering ties between Russia and African leaders.

“Almost all African states have been subjected to unprecedented pressure from the United States, French embassies were active… and other Western missions are trying to do their share to prevent this summit from taking place,” Peskov said.

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