Settle differences through dialogue: China tells Niger

Amid a coup in Niger, China on Thursday called on warring parties in the West African nation to settle differences through dialogue.

“We hope that relevant parties of Niger will bear in mind the fundamental interests of the nation and the people, settle differences peacefully through dialogue, restore normal order at an early date, and uphold the stability and development of the nation,” a Foreign Ministry spokesperson told reporters in Beijing.

The ministry also expressed concerns over the safety of Chinese citizens and establishments within the country amid the ongoing events.

“The Foreign Ministry and our embassy in Niger have issued a security alert to remind Chinese nationals and institutions in Niger to take extra precaution and be prepared for emergency response,” the spokesperson said.

“We believe Niger, along with other countries in the region, possesses the wisdom and capability to find a political solution to the current situation,” the official stated.

In the West African nation, Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani declared himself the head of a transitional government on July 28, marking the seventh coup in the West and Central Africa region since 2020.

Thousands of coup supporters gathered today in the Niger capital of Niamey, demanding that the military junta force France and other foreign troops to leave the country.

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