Malawi seeks donations to feed more than 50,000 refugees

Malawi is seeking donations to feed more than 50,000 refugees facing shortages at the country’s only refugee camp.

Government officials said the camp’s food stock is expected to be depleted by December. The appeal comes after the World Food Program last month cut by half the food rations for the refugees because of funding problems.

The refugees at the Dzaleka refugee camp said the food shortage has become worse largely because of the ongoing forcible relocation of refugees, who are staying outside of the camp.

“We are so many in the camp because of these people from the outside of camp; the people who were in towns,” said Burundian refugee Niyibigira Goreth, a community leader at the Dzaleka refugee camp. “So, now, all of them are here relying on food ration. Yeah, it’s a big problem that we have here.”

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