RSF commander Dagalo calls for transition to democracy

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has called for a transition to democracy in a recent speech at an Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) session. This call comes amidst growing demands for political reform in Sudan.

In his address, Commander Dagalo emphasized the importance of embracing democratic values and ensuring a smooth transition towards a civilian-led government.

He acknowledged the concerns and aspirations of the Sudanese people, acknowledging their desire for a more inclusive and accountable political system.

Dagalo has issued a call for a transition to democracy in Sudan, marking a significant development in the country’s political landscape. In his address, Dagalo acknowledged the challenges faced during the ongoing war and expressed gratitude for the support received from various sources.

He emphasized the importance of recognizing Sudan’s diversity, promoting balanced development, and establishing inclusive governance as key factors in addressing the historical conflicts that have plagued the country. Since the revolution in December 2018, the RSF has actively supported Sudan’s transition to democracy, advocating for the removal of the military from political affairs and the transfer of power to civilian leadership.

Dagalo highlighted deliberate attempts by certain factions to derail the political process, describing the coordinated attack on RSF camps and locations in April 2023. Regrettably, the ongoing war has resulted in casualties, loss of life, socioeconomic challenges, and infrastructure damage.

He also said that despite the obstacles, the RSF remains committed to seeking a political settlement, provided that the necessary conditions for democratic transformation are met. The RSF has responded positively to ceasefire initiatives and participated in indirect talks in Jeddah, leading to the Jeddah Declaration on the Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Arrangements.

Dagalo called on regional and international actors to focus their efforts on ending Sudan’s wars by addressing the underlying causes and establishing an impartial, democratic, and federal state. He reiterated the RSF’s commitment to the Jeddah Forum and expressed gratitude to neighboring countries and the international community for their initiatives. Coordination among these initiatives was emphasized to ensure unity and cooperation.

Highlighting the importance of comprehensive peace and stability, Dagalo urged Sudan’s allies to engage in meaningful dialogue, unify their initiatives, and identify coordinated roles to support Sudan. Rehabilitation, reconstruction, and addressing the war’s impact were identified as crucial areas requiring regional and international support. The involvement of civilian forces and the establishment of a new, unified, and professional army were also emphasized as essential steps toward Sudan’s political progress.

Dagalo welcomed regional and international initiatives that contribute to achieving comprehensive peace and restoring democratic transition in Sudan. He expressed gratitude to organizations such as the United Nations, the African Union, IGAD, the Troika, and the Quad for their dedicated efforts.

As Sudan endeavors to achieve peace and democratic transformation, Dagalo concluded with a sincere plea for resolving challenges and establishing a new, tolerant, inclusive, and democratic state.

The call by RSF Commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo is widely seen as an important step toward the realization of a democratic Sudan, with hopes resting on collective efforts to achieve lasting peace and stability in the nation.

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