France’s Macron calls for ‘digital public order’ after riots

 French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday that “a digital public order” was needed following widespread riots in late June sparked by the police killing of a teenager.

“We must protect our children and our teenagers from screens…and remove content that calls for violence. We need a digital public order to prevent these outbursts,” Macron told broadcasters TF1 and France 2 in a joint interview during his visit to New Caledonia.

He recalled that protesters used social media to organize meetups and riots, adding “our country needs a return to authority at every level, starting with the family.”

The president underscored that the causes of young peoples’ actions during the riots stemmed from their social backgrounds, including their families and economic situations.

“It is not up to national education, even less to the police to solve the problem. We need to go to the roots and make families aware of their responsibilities,” he added.

The president also thanked Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and local authorities for their efforts to restore public order after four days of riots in late June.

“The interior minister does a remarkable job, and during the riots, we have seen his effectiveness at the head of his ministry,” Macron said.

– Riots in France

Protests erupted in France late last month when a police officer fatally shot and killed Nahel M., a 17-year-old of Algerian descent, during a traffic check in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. The incident reportedly occurred after he ignored orders to stop.

Following Nahel’s killing, thousands of people took to the streets in France.

During the protests held in many cities, including Paris, Marseille and Lyon, there were incidents of pillaging and looting.

Macron pointed to possible intervention in social media if such incidents occurred in the future, which was widely criticized by the opposition parties.

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