Migrants sleep outside hotel in New York as city grapples with migrant influx

Scores of migrants in need of shelter are sleeping on the streets of New York as the city is facing growing pressure to house arriving asylum seekers.

Desperate for a place to sleep, migrants have lined up outside the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan, which serves as an arrival center for asylum seekers.

But the city’s largest shelter has already reached full capacity and was forced to close its doors.

Mayor Eric Adams said earlier that the city ran out of space to house migrants and it entered a new phase of the migrant crisis.

Pushing for federal help to address the crisis, he said: ”We need help.”

”It’s not going to get any better,” he warned.

More than 93,000 asylum seekers have arrived in the city since last spring, according to authorities.

Adams has repeatedly urged the federal government to provide multiple forms of support for asylum seekers, including expedited work authorization, nationwide decompression strategy, increased funding to manage the crisis and meaningful immigration reform.

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