Most victims of Gaza hospital attack ‘children and women’

Most of the victims of the “massacre” at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza were “children and women who lost their features,” the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza said early Wednesday.

Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra posted the statement on Facebook, commenting on the Israeli bombing which targeted the vicinity of the hospital, causing the deaths of more than 500 Palestinians.

“The Baptist Hospital massacre is unprecedented and indescribable. Hundreds of victims arrived at the hospital and ambulance crews are still picking (through) body parts,” he added.

“Most of the victims of the Baptist massacre were children and women whose features were lost. Some of the victims arrived without heads, with torn body parts and viscera out.”

“The numbers and types of injuries from the hospital attack are beyond the capabilities of our medical teams and ambulances. Doctors were performing surgeries on the ground and in the hospital corridors. Some operations were done without anesthesia.”

Al-Qudra said that “a large number of those injured in the hospital bombing are still waiting for operations, and the rest of the medical teams are trying to save their lives in intensive care,” pointing out that “the remaining treatment capabilities have only a few hours to go before we can announce their actual exhaustion.”

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